Aitchison College is Not That Bad You Know

Aitchison College is Not That Bad You Know

I am proud to be a student of Aitchison College Lahore and very grateful for the opportunity to have studied there. I admit that merely the name of Aitchison opens up many job opportunities in Pakistan in all the right places. Yes I can speak English with a foreign accent and yes I have cultivated some distinguished characteristics. What’s wrong with that? Is that a crime? I mean why should I feel bad about it?

Sabahat Zakariya echoed the same sentiments on social media the other day when she said, “Aitchison gets bashed a lot, I know, including by me, but some of the best kids I have known in my life come from there. I taught there for barely two years but it has an outsize impact on my life.” And I totally agree with it. Teachers, staff, students and the whole administration is working towards same goal and share the same ambition.

I couldn’t have said it better than Sabahat when she tweeted that, “Kids from there reach out sometimes in such kind & sensitive ways. My major Patreon contributions come from ex students there. When I taught there & even now twelve years after I left, that place made me feel like what I have to say matters (a good antidote to existential dread). These are not tweets saying anything larger. They are just gratefulness tweets about knowing some nice people.”

At the same it’s also true that either the people out of Aitchison are very nice or they are totally opposite. You won’t find a balanced person, lol. It’s also true that if you are not out of Aitchison and you are competing against a person from Aitchison for the same job then sadly you stand little chance even if you are professionally better and more skillful. As I said, being from Aitchison is a ticket to top jobs in Pakistan. I know that’s not fair but then that’s the norm everywhere in the world.

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