In Gujranwala Food is Most Snatched Item

Gujranwala Burger Theft

All over the world, when you mention the word ‘Street Crime’, it generally means mobile snatching, purse snatching, etc but not in Pakistani city of Gujranwala. In Gujranwala food is most stolen items on the streets. Burger and Pizza snatching has become so common that food delivery guys have started carrying sticks with them to ward off any hungry criminals.

The common modus operandi is that food snatchers would select any of the road or street and just wait as they know that during evening, almost every other house in Gujranwala would either order a food or they would bring food from outside. So selection of food hotspot in Gujranwala is not an issue and finding a victim is also easy. The real test comes when they try to snatch the food. The owner of food would normally be willing to part with his mobile or purse but not with his mouth-watering hot food pack. People would fight tooth and nail to hang on to their shopper full of that broast or biryani..

I myself witnessed an incident few days back when a guy was literally dragging behind a motorbike hanging into the bag which was being snatched by the street criminals. In the end victim had to let go of the bag when the pillion rider fired a shot but even then the victim managed to somehow extract a leg piece out of his just-bought food bag. There he was standing all bruised with chicken piece in his hand and looking longingly at the departing criminals. I saw him slowly devouring his piece and returning back to the shop to get some more.

Food robberies have become very common in Gujranwala. Just now the TV channels have reported that in a street robbery, criminals snatched 6 burgers from a food delivery rider. The rider was asked to come to a deserted street where couple of criminals in masks took away the burgers on gun point. Anger has spread across the city because no ones comes between food and the resident of Gujranwala. You can snatch whatever you want from them but not the food items.

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