Sajal Aly Hollywood Movie with Jemima Goldsmith

Sajal Aly Hollywood movie with Jemima Goldsmith marks another milestone for the talented actress of Pakistan. After getting tied up with Ahad Mir, she has really come a long way. She has proven her mettle in the Pakistani drama and film industry and now is all set for the Hollywood.

It’s official! Sajal Aly is all set to make her Hollywood debut alongside Lily James, Emma Thompson and veteran Indian actress Shabana Azmi. ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ is a romcom directed by Shekhar Kapur scripted by Jemima Khan. It’s a dream day! Sahad fandom is thriving in 2021. Written and directed by Jemima, the film reportedly revolves around her marriage to Imran Khan. This is going to be a hit. The release date of Sajal hollywood movie is this year.

What an eventful day it was! Now that Sajla has reached Hollywood I’m off to dream Sajal getting an Oscar. She is making her Hollywood Debut in Jemima Goldsmith’s Movie “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Sajal truly deserves all the love and appreciation. Undisputed queen, much love n more success to come. It’s true for her that she came, she ruled and then she conquered. She is the top model and actress for Pakistan now.

THIS IS HUGE! Like she is the first ever Lollywood actress to work in Hollywood but the Lollywood isn’t supporting her that much. But this queenie have her millions of fans who support her and love her sm and make her trend almost every single day so it doesn’t matter. She is blessed with real beauty a kind heart ,she is dedicated and hardworking lady and deserves recognition at international level too. She is self made. Its a example for every one hard work never go waste it bounce back in shape of recognition ,fame & appreciation.

Whole hearted congratulations to the most favourite Sajal Aly for being casted in international industry. Her finest roles in “alif” “mom” and many other lauded serials have proved her way ahead of her contemporaries. Sajal is truly an inspiration in showing dedication to her craft,she only expanded her horizon as an actor with time. Her journey from ‘Mehmoodabad ki Malkain‘ to where she is at present is so inspiring.She is a hardworking,strong,independent and self- made woman.

Seeing this cutie achieve so much literally warms my heart like nothing else. I love her so much and I’m so so proud of her.

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