Video of Hareem Shah Slapping Mufti Abdul Qavi

Video of Hareem Shah Slapping Mufti Abdul Qavi

Before slap, Hareem was princess and doll and after slap she became a randi. Such is the reaction after video of Hareem Shah slapping Mufti Abdul Qavi becomes online. Hareem got that recorded on purpose as usual and now it’s out for everyone to watch and enjoy while Mufti sulks and recoils.

You can see the video here of that epic slap. 

Domestic Abuse is not gender based, and is a crime even if it is by wife or a girl friend. May be it is just for media attention purpose. I am not sure what makes you feel that a corrupt mufti like him can be innocent. We all have witnessed him being notoriously involved in every controversy regarding these social media women especially. Does this qualify as abuse ? Who’s stronger, anyway?

But conspiracy theoriests in Pakistan have other ideas too. They say that it’s just a distraction tactic by the powerful forces who control Hareem and her videos. First Sheikh Rasheed and now Mufti Qavi, the video galore is not ending and they always get leaked at these moments. It seems like trying to divert focus on #BroadsheetLeaks. You would see them together in a few weeks. May be that’s true. They need bigger distraction this time , wait for something another outrageous scene.

Salute to you for saying it loud and clear that domestic violence is NOT gender based and there are cases where men are victims of domestic abuse at the hands of women. We can clearly see he was on his phone and she came out of nowhere, seems like the scene was preplanned. On what grounds do you call this domestic violence? did you get your degree from Iqra university because I can picture that.

When I talked about it, I also got following response, “Madma plz don’t call him ” Mufti” its a religious wording and he is a play boy type man. Its Abuse against Abuse and harassment, if you saw media talks. Wiasy I assuming #HareemShah have clips or Audio of Mr. Qavi so he will not go for Legal action”.

Some feminist may get please and use this slap as source of joy and compensation for their deprivation of internal desires but as being Pk and muslim , scholars and religious people must be respected even if something wrong is with them.

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