Icchhra and Fashion Fight in Lahore

Icchhra and Fashion Fight in Lahore

Like every big city, Lahore can be roughly, loosely and generally divided into two parts; One is the so-called elite, newish, modern, and affluent Lahore whereas the other one is old, rustic, middle-class or ‘Undroon Lahore’ as they call it. In summary, modern Lahore is expensive whereas same thing can be bought less than half price in Not-so-Modern Inner Lahore.

On social media, few warring fashion factions of Lahore locked horns over one Inner city Lahore suburb Icchhra. Proponent lady, Mehr Husayn was furious when someone from her own fashion industry mocked this inner city suburb and belittled it. She said, “Nabila s@itting on Icchhra is one prime example of what’s wrong within the fashion industry. This is the same person who tried to dictate to me who could be featured in Pakistan’s first fashion book. Actually tried to rewrite history. Imagine. Also, Ichhra for life.”

Someone needs to tell her being crass is really not ‘fashionable’. Someone needs to tell her to grow a backbone and accept the old guard has got to go. Mehr many could learn from her experience, she could be a mentor to many, if she chooses to be less insecure and more giving when it came to new emerging talent. It’s crap to put down people, their work the way she does. Doesn’t gain her any respect if that’s what she is thinking. I love Ichhra. And Anarkali and Dupatta Gali. What’s wrong with them? Just that they aren’t super expensive?

Ichra, Sunday bazar, etc are the places these people sometimes get their inspirations/supplies/suppliers from and then they bite the hand that feeds. No one asked for her critique & if she wanted to guide, she could have been professional instead of being a snotty aunty with oh you Ichra people! Yes, we are Ichra people & not embarrassed by it. She should take communication skills 100 somewhere so can learn how to guide, not insult. Yep above are some of the responses of angry people who didn’t like Nabila.

Now one general observation is this: In Pakistan, and especially in Lahore, the elite’s favourite pastime is to belittle on anything and everything which can give access to better stuff for the middle and lower middle class. They simply cannot see that happening as they feel threatened. They want to remain exclusive and they think that brand even the imitations are only for them and middle class have no right over it. And it includes everything like be it food joints, thrift markets or malls. They are always trying to find a way to prove themselves superior.

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