Pakistani Girls Mobile Number Whatsapp Signal Telegram

Pakistani Girls Mobile Number Whatsapp Signal Telegram










You can freely download, get, search Pakistani girls mobile number WhatsApp Signal Telegram Viber and other free online services on various group. I was quite shocked and surprised to see some of the WhatsApp group I was member of where boys were sharing girls numbers from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan, and various other parts of Pakistan. 

Of course the worst part was that there was no consent from the other side and I am more than sure that they were not even aware of it. One particular guy had another so-called brilliant idea and he started asking jazz cash in return of the numbers. He also said that for college girls the verified numbers could be obtained but with a hefty price. He also said that there were some sweet and hot numbers where it was guaranteed that the girl would talk whatever you would want her to say. 

This is like online phone hot service in Pakistan where old and young can fulfill their wild fantasies. I am more than sure that most of the numbers would be fake and of boys who were just there to pretend like a girl, get some online cash and then disappear laughing at their victim madly. May the buyer also deserved that because what they were hoping to buy was unethical. It’s quite funny that how desperate our conservative society is. We have access to the modern social media and Internet but there are no fun opportunities for the youth, especially for the boys.

One boy was pleading with the other group members to give him the mobile number of aunty in Karachi or Lahore. Lahori aunty mobile number was quite in demand I don’t know why. I also didn’t understand as why would a 25 year old would be that interested in dating a 40 year old lady in Lahore and why just an aunty from Lahore and why not some other part of Pakistan. I mean why confine love to a geography. It seems that there are hundreds of things I don’t understand form this weird world of Pakistani girls mobile number directory thing on social media.

That is why I always a supporter of opening up Pakistani society a bit more so that we don’t get that desperate and become a laughing stock of the society. And hey leave hot Pakistani aunties alone for uncles and search someone from your own age group.


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  1. Muhammad Ahmad | April 28, 2021 at 7:47 am | Reply

    Hi mujy ap ki zarorat hy

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