Real Story of Dr Aleeza and Dr Azhar Suicide in Multan

Real Story of Dr Aleeza and Dr Azhar Suicide in Multan

when a psychiatrist commits suicide then it’s a news because he is supposed to prevent people from doing so let alone doing it by himself. What’s strange about the real story of Dr Aleeza and Dr Azhar suicide in Multan is that murder also happened before suicide.

In Multan, psychologist Dr Azhar Hussain shot dead his only daughter Dr Aliza and committed suicide. Police are investigating why the expert who encouraged others to stop committing suicide was forced to take such a big step. It’s true that our society takes mental illnesses of every kind very very lightly, actually most people don’t even take it as something real but the question is that is it the case of mental illness in this case of Dr Aleeza and Dr Azhar?

I wish I could somehow ask the suicide bombers what happened to them that they ended their lives,  instead of fighting the situation and showing victory. But what exactly happened between daughter and father that he took that of an extreme measure and killed her only beautiful, young, educated and reticent daughter? Neighbours are also shocked and so are the colleagues of both.

The Fokker plane crashed in Multan on July 10, 2006. Dr. Azhar had a confirmed ticket for the flight but was lucky enough to survive the crash due to being late.
But today he committed suicide. This is destiny and these are the unalterable decisions of destiny. And on the same flight were Dr. Altaf Sahib (Psychiatrist) 
and Dr. Raja Sahib (Cardiologist), besides a whole team of a pharmaceutical company from Multan.

Some people are even doubting that it was a suicide. They are saying that it might be the double murder. An indepth investigation is in order here.
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  1. Tariq khurshid | February 4, 2023 at 5:30 am | Reply

    Very sad incident

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