Sana Fakhar Hot Photos and Video with Husband

Sana Fakhar Hot Photos and Video with Husband

Sana Fakhar is pretty, modern and intelligent. Sana Fakhar hot photos and video with husband have rocked the boat in Pakistan. No matter how modern and forward looking we call ourselves, still Sana Fakhar managed to rattle our social thinking with just few not-so-conservative photos.

French kissing in Pakistan is frowned up, of course publicly. In the West and in many Asian countries this is just normal in public. Wife and husband kiss each other on lips while saying good bye or welcoming each other. Lovers also do the same in public. While I was studying in London, I daily saw couples locking their lips on the public transport without any issues with the other commuters and other people also didn’t blink an eye. Only once I saw a Catholic nun raising her eye brows when a girl and boy started kissing. 

Sana Fakhar kissed her husband in her own bedroom and then those bedroom photos were posted by her on Facebook. Sana’s kissing was passionate and very lovely and exuded love and warmth. There was nothing wrong with it from social media standards at all as you would find billions of such photos from all over the world. But it’s something we don’t share in Pakistani social media. But may be she has broken the shackles and is the first in this new trend setter. May be its the first rain of this Pakistani kissing rain.

One actresses were furious and said that Sana just did that on purpose to gain cheap marketing and publicity. Well, I am not sure if that was Sana’s intention or not but that actress certainly has a point because even Pakistani TV channels are talking about it and I even heard that mention in a morning show. Pakistani social media is also abuzz with the news and though many are excited to see those photos I haven’t really read any positive reviews about it as every one has become a moral police.

Dude come on they are husband and wife. Don’t make everything so controversial. Let people live at least in halal relationship. In Pakistan Mufqi Qawi scandals with different girls can be tolerate and enjoyed but halal relation can’t. 

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