Who is Ume Rubab Chandio and Story Behind Selfie in Court

Who is Ume Rubab Chandio and story behind selfie in court where some guys are smiling towards the camera while the hapless victim family watches on in terror and misery. This selfie by the alleged murderers is not just a photo but tells the story of our judicial system.

It is not the picture of any refreshment point or food point but it is court a nominative killers of Ume Rubab Chandio’s family members. These both killers are MPAs of PPP who made the jokes of law and justice by making a selfie in court. Justice delayed is justice denied. Don’t look at me with your eyes on your head, look at me with your eyes in your heart. This is what ideal justice system should be.

Sardar Chandio must be brought to justice. Ume Rubab is not alone. She will surely teach you what is Riyasat-e-Madina. This battle against people, who wanted her to be imprisoned. Who wanted her to be silent and cry for her loved ones’ death, who wanted her to accept what is going on from centuries with women? So who is Ume Rubab Chandio. She is a Sindhi girl with a law degree. A young lady lawyer Ume Rubab Chandio fighting alone with the wadera system of interior sindh. She’s an inspiration for the young blood and can be called as a genuine feminist.

Every Pakistani is with you in this difficult time. It doesn’t matter how powerful the enemy is, Inshallah, one day victory will be yours. She taught us how to fight for justice brave daughter of sindh we are with you dear sister. There is a reason why Pakistan is ranked as sixth most dangerous country for the women. Activists blame society’s patriarchal attitudes for the problem. We must rise up against it and change it. By making conditions, a self-composed book of laws, and deliberate misuse, these primitive masters have figured out how to save their hold for the longest.

Khan sb is it “Ryasta Madina” where binta Hawa is wandering alone n being humiliated on the roads of ur Rayasat for justice against wadara system? Is it not the shame for Rayasat and justice system of Raysat. Is this the rule of law? Tyrants are wandering freely and the oppressed are crying. State is responsible to ensure justice and accountability. Because of poor law and order situation, Criminals are encouraged. How cruel system of justice is it prevailing in our country? Are judges not afraid to appear before Allah? How long will the continue to shed blood of innocent people by taking bail from the courts? 

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