Atif Aslam with Girls But Hand Not Touching

Atif Aslam with Girls But Hand Not Touching

Photos of Atif Aslam with girls but hand not touching them is being praised in Pakistan. So much so that some are even portraying him a saint where girls are standing close to him during selfie taking but his palms are open instead of circling around the girls.

I am not sure what to make of it. Atif Aslam’s side is touching girl’s side as she stands very close to him during the photo but yes hand of Atif Aslam is not touching the girl. So that is the yardstick through which we measure the morals of our celebrities and singers. People are saying that Atif Aslam knows how to respect and regard the girls. Many are bashing the actors and singers they don’t like by posting their photos with hands going wild. It’s all about hand practice and rest of the body can do whatever it wants.

Especially Ali Zafar is being criticized by the Meesha Shafi camp by posting his photos where he doesn’t take care of his hands. But Ali Zafar’s supporters say that Atif Aslam is no saint at all. By looking at his photo with the fan, they rightly point out that both of their bodies are touching and it’s totally haram. You can not justify this just by his hands. One heart-burn says that even singing is haram in Islam so Atif Aslam is doing a haram thing. It’s quite interesting to read various reactions on these photos as it tells you a lot about our confused society.

Atif aslam is my favorite Singer. I love all his songs specially “jeena jeena” and “Adat”. After listening 99 Names of Allah by Atif Aslam, I have a magical effect. Song lyrics of Atif can make you go wild with passion. Atif Aslam singing kadi te has bol really gets me like anything. When atif Aslam said “hona tha pyaar” it never gets to “hua mere yaar” in my case. Yes you can tell that I am a huge Atif Aslam fan as a singer. His Bollywood songs are out of this world too as well as his own personal albums.

In the world full of people who don’t respect women, be Atif Aslam is the message propagated by the girl supporters of Atif Aslam.


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