Profile of Saima Mohsin U.S. Attorney in Michigan

Saima Mohsin was born in Pakistan in 1968. Saima Mohsin is a graduate of the Rutgers University in New Jersey where she earned a bachelor’s degree and a law degree. She is a career prosecutor, having served in the US Attorney’s Office since 2002, and prior to that as a Deputy New Jersey Attorney General and an Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan. Saima Mohsin will become the first Muslim woman federal prosecutor after she was named as the acting US attorney for Michigan’s Eastern District.

Saima Mohsin is the first woman, immigrant, Muslim United States Attorney in American history. As an immigrant of Asian descent who is Muslim, she will bring diversity to an important position that is the chief federal law enforcement officer in the eastern part of the state. Mohsin has been a federal prosecutor for decades, working since 2002 in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Saima Mohsin has served in the U.S. Attorney’s Office Violent and Organized Crime Unit, the Drug Task Force and the General Crimes Unit, the Department of Justice. Mohsin is also believed to be the first U.S. attorney who is Pakistani-American.

The outgoing attorney Schneider has all the nice things to say about Saima. He said he was “pleased” to leave the US Attorney’s Office for Eastern District of Michigan in Mohsin’s hands who he called “one of the finest federal prosecutors” he’s ever known.

“Saima is a dynamic trial lawyer and a talented manager. And, as the first woman, immigrant, Muslim United States Attorney in American history, her service is truly historic,” said Schneider. He is confident that the lawyer will be an “outstanding representative and defender” of the community.

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