Interview with Tweep Adv Inam Ur Rehman @Advocate_Inaam

Please introduce yourself in few words?

I am Inam Ur Rehman Bhatti. Student of Law and Political Science.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life?

Yet to come InShaAllah.

What is one thing you cannot do without?

Marriage without the consent of my parents.

What is your favorite food?

Fish always.

Your favourite tweeps?

Actually many tweeps are doing great job and I really enjoy my time on twitter reading these people tweets. One of them is Salar Sultanzai.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Twitter and Facebook.

What are your healthy habits?

Daily one mile running after Fajar.

Your all time favourite movie?

Usually watch series so Norcos and currently Drillis Ertgrul.

Your all time favorite song?

Hamari Adhori Kahani.

Do you have any fantasy you can share with us?

No fantasy to share.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?


How do you handle stress and pressure?

Alhamdullillah I never felt any pressure or stress in normal situations but once before going to interview room I was much stressed and nervoused, I started reciting Darood Sharif and it works.

Your message for readers of

Be who you are.

Thank you

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