Chinese Family Cooking Bats in Islamabad

Chinese Family Cooking Bats in Islamabad

Many a times what you see is not real and your eyes can deceive you easily. One such incident happened earlier, when a social media activist posted photos online about a Chinese family cooking bats in Islamabad. In photos, bats were hanging from the string. The social media activist also complained to the Police and even tagged the Prime Minister office of Pakistan.

Lots of hue and cry were raised amidst this Coronavirus pandemic mania as people started showing their concerns that this was going to generate more virus in the country and it could be devastating. Police got activated, went to the location and reported that it was just Chicken and not the bats. Now the social media activist has apologised and has also posted the photo of Chinese couple smiling. He said that now everything is fine and they are friends now as it was just a misunderstanding.

Citizens should be aware of their responsibilities and complaints about what is permissible and what is not. We have scrutinized the entire law and no Pakistani law prohibits any foreigner or non-Muslim from eating rats or bats in their home. There are bats in Islamabad. After seeing the tweet, we also became suspicious. But when the team visited, it was chicken, fish and the rest of the meat. So in the future people should refrain from jumping to the conclusion immediately and let the authorities investigate first as this could be dangerous for the family.

Many environmental activists also mobilized and investigated the matter on their own. DC Islamabad also personally looked into the matter and brushed aside such rumors about bats and other weird meat being cooked. The wildlife crew had gone there, there was no such thing as a bat. One complaint not only wasted government resources and time, but also worried the Chinese family about their home photos and address being made public. The concern of that family is justified. 

Chinese family said that it’s a common sight at their home as they usually cook their traditional Chinese dishes in that way. They said that it was hard to find them in that condition in Pakistan so they had to prepare it like that within their own home. That was chicken, fish, mutton that the Chinese family hung to dry for their traditional dish, which is actually very tasty and popular. 


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