Who is Fatima Tahir and What Has She Done

Who is Fatima Tahir and What Has She Done










Who is Fatima Tahir and what has she done to garner such mentions and trends on the social media. Fatima Tahir hot photos are also circulating like wild fire and she is the center of social news right now everywhere. Her Insta is being bombarded with the followers and the frenzy is getting higher and higher.

I don’t have any personal grudges with this girl named ‘fatima tahir’ but the thing which makes me disgusted is this locket she is wearing and doing all bad stuff with such a pure name. Yeah its just disgusting seeing her doing this stuff and wearing Allah k naam ka locket. The Fatima Tahir hot photos and videos are one thing but she shouldn’t be using the sacred names and other emblems. There is a fine line between what you believe in and what you show off on the social media.

If no one got me, i just know fatima tahir’s instagram stories got me. For instance, Fatima Tahir says that , “No ewww. Sounds like a disgrace to me and I have never been in a relationship”. The whatsapp number of Fatima is also in demand. She said that she is the most wannabe medico ever and she couldn’t wait to wear her white coat and she was obsessed with idea of becoming one and the story goes on and on. Her aspiration and dreams are great and her passion is contagious.

I may look fine but deep down i envy Fatima Tahir’s positivity. Fatima Tahir’s mother made a whole record book of her from when she was first fed with honey to when she had her first haircut or idr mere abaa jaan ko yeh bhi nahi pata hota tha mein kis class mein hun. I added Fatima tahir on snapchat and damn the woman is a package of entertainment. Literally, I too added her once but couldn’t handle this much entertainment so removed her. There is too much to it.

This is what Fatima Tahir says, “I want my future husband to love me so much that he ends up k wording himself because he cant handle the love he has for me and knows that he doesn’t deserve me.” Gonna Tell my kids that i was the 102th person to follow Fatima Tahir’s instagram. The truth is Fatima Tahir is honest and innocent. Fatima Tahir is doing the same thing openly that most of people are doing secretly .We should learn from her and let her be and just enjoy it.

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6 Comments on "Who is Fatima Tahir and What Has She Done"

  1. “Fatima Tahir is doing the same thing openly that most of people are doing secretly .We should learn from her and let her be and just enjoy it.”
    What the hell even is this blog?
    Who the Hell said doing something bad openly is better thandoing it secretly

  2. F.. Stupid, bro as per your type you said she is wearing this locket, Name of Allah and entertaining the other people with her seducing skills and you are pretending nothing wrong with that? She is a big f.. Bich soul & what kind of soul are you?

  3. A blog written by Fatima tahir 🤣

  4. Innocent? Get your dictionary revised. And no, we definitely don’t need to learn from her, we don’t want to ruin our culture and society further.
    And don’t feel overlooked by your parents, look what the extra attention and pampering got her to. Someone needs to tell her, that darling, no one loves a ut, they just adore her for the timely benefit.

  5. Tiara Moonlight | July 3, 2022 at 11:37 am | Reply

    All those here including the author, u might be doing something corrupt as well in your lives n praying 5 times a day regularly thinking we are perfect. First of all bad mouthing n backbiting your brothers n sisters for the sake of gossips n “saving your culture” leads u to hell as well n is considered one of the biggest sins equal to eating dead meat of that person yet when u wanna do a sin it’s all ok for u. For others it’s not. Allah is hers as much as He’s yours n mine. You are no one to judge anyone. If anything, be perfect yourself first which u can’t so kindly stop judging others as u r in no position yourself. It just shows insecurity.

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