Profile of Kashmala Tariq Son Azlan

Profile of Kashmala Tariq Son Azlan

When money and power combine, people get intoxicated under the weight of it and then accidents happen. That’s what happened in Islamabad last night when Kashmala Tariq son Azlan drove straight into a Mehran car and four people got killed. As usual the blame was thrown on the driver and Azlan got the bail.

The unfortunate four people were fast friends with each other and belonged to Mansehra. Everyone is saddened and equally grieving the loss of precious lives in the incident and if you look at the vehicles, you can tell how horrific the accident was. This is a tragic incidence with the loss of such valuable lives. I hope the truth comes out and those found guilty punished appropriately. If the people fled the scene than that is another crime. CCTV footage must be arranged.

The owner of Best Western Hotel, Waqas, was also present in the car along with his wife Kashmala Tariq and son Azlan Khan that hit the people on the highway. Kashmala Tariq has recently married the owner of Best western and their photos were released on social media. Azlan didn’t even appear in the counrt and his lawyer was there. The judge approved the pre-arrest bail of Kashmala’s son, Azlan, against the surety bonds of Rs 50,000.

Amir Shakeel, Farooq and Haider Ali wer just driving and then got it hit by that speeding car. How can the Court grant pre arrest bail in 4 murders?? Seems like he will be acquitted same like Abdul Majeed Achakzai from Courts. our judiciary is full of those patwari judges, they only punish the poor, and the rich people are always set free , thanks to patwari judiciary. It is outrageous to give bail to people who are potentially responsible for the murder of so many people. How rich these people are should not determine if they get bail or not.

This guy will be skipping to London or Dubai on the first available flight.People will forget in a few months, things will cool down, a few lakhs will be given to victims’ families, and the orphans of those four killed victims will bear the consequences. Same old story, end of story. What a system in Pakistan. He hit the poor guys and killed them and now got pre arrest bail in just 50 k. Is this new Pakistan?Where is the Nara of Insaaf of PTI?I was a fan of PM but this incident really disappointed me. Son of Kashmala Tariq should be arrested.


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