Why Mia Khalifa is Interested in Indian Affairs?

Why Mia Khalifa is Interested in Indian Affairs

Does Mia Khalifa wants to join Bollywood like Sunny Leone? Sunny restarted her closed career by appearing in the Bollywood movie and now she is the top leading actress there. Other adult stars with Indian background also tried but they were not as lucky as Sunny so Mia should be careful here as she might be in for a rude shock.

But then like Sunny, Mia has a great following and is famous (or shall we say notorious) all around the globe. She is more known and liked and followed than Sunny for sure. As far as looks are concerned Mia has a special edge due to her innocent face and she just looks like a girl next door. But why Mia Khalifa is interested in Indian affairs and now raising her concerns about the issues like gender equality, plight of women, rights of minorities and then the farmers protests?

Many people are mistaken that she is probably of Pakistani or Indian origin and is a Muslim or Hindu. Mia Khalifa name is also misleading as many think that she is a Muslim. The truth is that she is an American with a Lebanese background and she belongs to a Christian family. Religion, though has little to do in her life, despite of the fact that she wears crosses during her shoots and also has a tattoo on her wrist with cross on it. She also sometimes tweets about such things.

Whatever her intentions were Mia Khalifa is now in Indian news and now is the topic of their talk shows as the people as well as channels love the spice. Are you even a brown girl with glasses if you haven’t been called “Mia Khalifa”? This is what Mia says on her handle on social media. Regardless of what Mia is saying, the truth is that the issue of farmers is serious in India and they must resolve it. Mia Khalifa is an activist too and a human and her concerns are right.

It is not the question of farm laws but basic democratic principle. How on earth, in a democracy/federal system of state, the union parliament can impose laws over states? These laws 2b promulgated at states level. Why do we have constituencies, states n union/federation? Thats why education and common sense is must for people now a days. Police are siding with the BJP goons. A bjp man provokes a farmers and when he comes forward only to scare away the bjp guy police beat the farmer up brutally.

World largest Peaceful protest of farmers wants world stands with them . Farmer’s are sleeping on roads from last three to five months. World stand up with indian farmer’s.


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