Full Video of Bilal Saeed Fight with Brother and Girl

Video of Bilal Saeed Fight with Brother and Girl

The video of Bilal Saeed fight with brother and girl who is his sister in law can be seen here. The video is quite funny in a sense that the mummy daddy fight is tepid yet full of acrimony. Bilal Saeed can be seen slapping the kicking his brother and his brother’s wife while both of them also responding back. 

The girl looks quite hot in her tight clothes with dyed blonde hair and her kicks are better than her looks. She also didn’t hold back and was on Bilal as soon as Bilal hit her husband. Bilal was swearing too and it is said that girl’s swearing was top notch and she used all the expletives and abuses she knew. Bilal could use them as lyrics in his next flop song. May be we could call it Baari 4 or something like that. May be those Urway-Murway could shed some light on this episode too.

Every human has the right to live with dignity and security, regardless of gender. I am a believer of peace, however I also believe in establishing boundaries when that peace is repeatedly compromised by another, regardless of gender. When the safety and dignity of a person is violated and jeopardized over and over again, he unfortunately is left with no option but to react. Yep that is the reaction and feedback from Bilal Saeed as his video of fighting went viral across country.

Anyone who hits a woman in public in such a manner without any hesitation, speaks tons about his behaviour with women in private. If she abused, u could have abused back. Also the security was right there trying to save ur peace & integrity but sadly that wasn’t exactly what u wanted. A woman is not a woman who exceeds her limits and then plays woman/victim card . So many women in our society are doing such bad things like these and they have an edge of being a “woman”.

Hey feminist can you see the equality ?? Which was demanded in “Aurat March”!! Well well equal rights equal fight!! She also kicked back no offense hisaab brabar. Maybe he broke things in his own house and made a video but we did saw him hitting a lady humiliating her.not once but twice he looks crazy uncontrollable. May be he has broken his home appliances. But it is pretty sure as shown clearly that they arrived to fight and attack him at his door step. At his home right in front of his home. Boots to such bad things is such a little return.

What a sore loser, kicking a lady considering her an easy target. He instigated it. This is physical assault, not meme fodder. Please understand this is not normal behavior; it cannot be condoned or played for a laugh. You don’t hit women. Without knowing anything I’m not going to judge but here’s frm my side. Before blaming Bilal Saeed, just for the once focus on this sentence, “I Raised My Hands To Protect My Family”.


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