Interview with Tweep Kamran Minhas @MKAMRANMINHAS

Interview with Tweep Kamran Minhas @MKAMRANMINHAS

Q.1, Would you please introduce yourself in a few words?

I was born in Chakwal District, which is located in Pothohar Region and I belong to the Rajput Minhas Family I am a Civil Engineer by profession.

Q.2 What has been the greatest achievement of your life so far?

I’m looking forward to the biggest success I’ve ever had

Q.3, What is one thing you can’t do without?

There was a Tea in life without which there was no concept of life, but because of being on a diet for the last three months left it too So answer is “Nothing”

Q.4, What is your favorite food

Sarsoon ka Saag , Makki ki roti with makhan

Q.5, Your favorite tweeps?

There are many

Q.6, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


Q.7, What are your healthy habits?

Be happy and share happiness

Q.8, Your all time favorite movie?

Mera Pind 2008 & Chak de.

Q.9, Your all time favorite song?

Tere Bin Ek Pal

Q.10, Do you have any fantasies you can share with us?

It’s a secret cant be able to share on this platform

Q.11, What is your favorite vacation destination?

My all time favorite place “Prague”

Q.12, How do you handle stress and strain?

By Spending the time with my mother

Q.13, Your message to the readers of

if you want to achieve the best goals then put your strong intentions and don’t be disappointed

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