Who is Abuzar Bukhari of Lahore and What Has He Done

Who is Abuzar Bukhari of Lahore and What Has He Done

So Who is Abuzar Bukhari of Lahore and what fraud has he done that even Interpol is now searching him and where is he now? Have you booked a Porsche in Pakistan through Abuzar Bukhari showroom in Lahore? Have you paid him any deposit or even full amount? Well if you have then you are in for a rude shock.

Abuzar Bukhari has escaped abroad after milking citizen of Pakistan especially in Lahore for hundreds of thousands of rupees. According to a conservative estimate, he has done fraud of approx 1 billion rupees and that could increase as more and more victims are coming forward. Not only Lahore, but rich people from Karachi, Islamabad and other parts of Pakistan are also now disclosing about their dealings with him. Many are still silent as they were buying these luxury cars through black money. These people will probably remain silent forever.

According to police, accused Abuzar Bukhari set up booking offices for expensive brand vehicles in different parts of the city and looted Rs 80 crore from several people before fleeing overseas. According to the police, the accused went into hiding first in Dubai and then in London. Cases have been registered against him in various police stations. With the help of FIA, documents have been prepared to include the name of the accused in the Interpol list.

It’s not just about Porsche but also about BMW, Audi, Chevvy and various other expensive, imported luxury cars which you hardly see in Pakistan. Investigation has been expanded even to Dubai now but until and unless Interpol helps the authorities here, its hard to get hold of Abuzar Bukhari who is a con man through and through. He must be planning his next venture by now. Some are saying that he still has a network in Pakistan and has his contacts in powerful places so he will be back with new scam.

History will repeat itself.

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