Real Story of Muskan Sheikh and Rehan Shah Killing in Karachi

Real Story of Muskan Sheikh and Rehan Shah Killing in Karachi

This is the real story of Muskan Sheikh and Rehan Shah killing in Karachi. Both were quite famous and controversial Tik Tok stars with various videos and more than a million followers combined. They also had quite a following on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Their Whatsapp group was also very famous.

I say that God should give everyone life and death of dignity unlike them. Tik Tok star Muskan with 600,000 followers was killed in Karachi along with 3 boys. The body has been lying in the hospital for 12 hours and no one has come to collect it. Family members also expressed dissatisfaction and anguish but no one came to claim their bodies. This is so tragic and heart breaking and lesson for everyone out there.

Muskan Sheikh used to lip sing desi and English songs and also was quite hot and candid. She also used to make funny videos. She also posted chunks of her daily life from her account. She was also seen with others sharing the platform. She was very very active on the media and liked more than two million posts across the globe. It seemed that she never slept and always online liking the posts.

Rehan Shah was not popular at all. He only has fifty odd followers and was from Karachi through and through. Rehan was a big fan of cars and politics and was a supporter of PTI and Imran Khan. Four TikTokers were shot dead in Karachi’s Garden area near Anklesaria Hospital last night and both Muskan and Rehan were two of them. The interesting fact which came out after police investigation is that there was a history behind it.

There were numerous cases registered against Shah and Saddam in various police stations of Karachi. These cases ranged from gambling, drug trafficking, and even attempted murder. There was also a case of aerial firing. This particular case seems like of jealousy and enmity over Muskan and the assailants fled the scene. This is the high time that the youth of Pakistan learn from this and be very careful online.

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