From Ali Zafar to Naseebo Lal – PSL’s Journey Downhill

From Ali Zafar to Naseebo Lal - PSL's Journey Downhill

Degradation in Pakistani Cricket’s quality is terrifying. When you look at the current team and then you recall Wasim Akram, Saeed Anwar, Miandad, Waqar, Aqib, Moin, Intikhab, Inzamam and scores of others; your blood start boiling. That’s the feeling I got when I heard the latest PSL anthem by Naseebo Lal.

I have nothing against Naseebo Lal and I don’t consider Ali Zafar a top singer. In fact Ali Zafar is not a singer in is pure form but just has got a good voice, with good tonal quality and some charisma and modern tunes around him which he utilizes well. Whereas Naseebo Lal is a career singer but she has her niche. Her niche is Punjabi songs in B-rated movies which cater to a specific audience in a limited region in Pakistan. Most of her songs are fit for Mujras and hot stage show dances.

Assigning Naseebo Lal to sing PSL anthem seems like a cruel joke. Horrendous lyrics are one thing but the tune and voice is simply awful. PSL is being promoted as an International event which is right now the only external face of Pakistani Cricket to the world. What exactly would the international players make of when during PSL inaugural ceremony they see Naseebo Lal performing on stage? I mean, come on, we still have some decency left. Whoever is behind this farce must be fired by PCB.

If they believe that Ali Zafar has become controversial due to harassment case of Meesha Shafi, then fine. There are dozens of other singers out there. They could hire their all time favorite Sahir Ali Bagga for it. What about government’s own minister Ibrar ul Haq? I mean the choices are limitless. I say that PSL is better off without any anthem as compared to having Naseebo Lal making a mockery of it. The poor thing seems way out of her place in the video too. So much that I feel sorry for her.

All those who led their lives mocking “Ve Gujraa vayy”, have newfound love for Naseebo Lal, only in Ali Zafar’s hatred. This is so unfair with Pakistan. Groove mera song reminds me of those dirty Punjabi songs in those strange movies where heavy ladies are destroying the fields. Once PCB fan disagrees and says,”I love how the anthem is all about the hype that is created by a sports league, but they’re also focusing on staying safe during these times. All 3 artists are from different genres but have come together to create this masterpiece and how well it’s all blended.”

Anyway, no point in trying to put sense in PCB and this PTI government as they are beyond cure.

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  1. Are u crazy? Naseebo Lal is a legendary singer. She has got tight grip on Sur. There is no comparison with Ali zafar

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