Interview with Tweep Emmanuel Guddu @emnpk

Interview with Tweep Emmanuel Guddu @emnpk

Please introduce yourself in few words?
My name is Emmanuel I am Catholic Christian from Mirpurkhas of Sindh Pakistan. Promoting beauty of Sindh since last 10 years, started during flood 2010

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life?
Promoting Sindh is like accomplishment for me

What is one thing you cannot do without?
Can’t do all this without family support. I don’t have any resources or income from my travelling but I am doing it by my own. He spend all expenses from my own income from a small job

What is your favorite food?
Favourite food is jo bhi mil jaye I am not food lover

Your favourite tweeps? Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
My favourite tweep, all which show culture and heritage of their land

What are your healthy habits?
My healthy Habit is travelling and walking

Your all time favourite movie?

Your all time favorite song?
Dill Dill Pakistan

Do you have any fantasy you can share with us?
Not Fantasy but yes dream k apni photography ka exhibition kar paoon

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
My favourite Holiday destination is Lahore. Want to see Amazing mughal buildings

How do you handle stress and pressure?
About stress and pressure: during that I stop my travelling and stay with family and spend time with kids specially it give me satisfaction and relaxation to have fun with them. Ah yes I am father of 4 children and husband of a loving wife

Your message for readers of
What we have done or doing for our country for its betterment. We have contribute something for our country to show its positive face in this world. Pakistan Zindabad

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