speed test.net PTCL and speedtest.net PTCL

Whenever there is an issue with my home Internet or Office Internet, before calling the PTCL helpline or asking people around the first thing I do is test the Internet speed in Pakistan online at either speed test.net PTCL and speedtest.net PTCL . That gives me the idea of what sort of upload and download speed I am getting.

But for the few days, there seems to be an issue with the PTCL speed test. It has suddenly failed tonight with “Configuration Load Failed” message and advice to alert administrator, which I have no idea how to do and why should I be contacting the admins. Why didn’t they get any alert from their own monitoring systems and why couldn’t they resolve it as soon as possible because its a production system. I would say that they need to build an automated system which would self-heal.

PTCL prides itself as leading telecommunication company in Pakistan and to be honest thier technology is quite good and help is awesome too. That is why it’s bit disappointing at times to see their website failing. It has been working fine until now, apart from inability to measure packet loss rate, always giving a -1% result. When talking all things computers most of us refer to megabytes (MB) or more recently gigabytes (GB). E.g. My PC has a 4GB memory card and a 500GB Hard Drive etc. Storeage is normally measured in bytes. However when Internet Service Providers talk speeds we use megabits (Mb).

Well, speedtest is great and PTCL has nothing to do with it. It’s run by a third party company and you can easily about the state of fixed broadband and mobile networks in reports and its global. The best thing is that for basic testing it’s free. The speed achieved over ADSL (or ADSL2+) is dependent upon a number of factors which includes type of network, cabling, wifi, lan, wlan, presence of any malware, or add-ons. But a common user doesn’t have to deal with these technical jargon.

All we want is fast Internet and that’s about it.

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