Story of Bushra Rajpar and What Happened to Her

Story of Bushra Rajpar and What Happened to Her

This is the real and full story of Bushra Rajpar and what happened to her. The innocent, pretty, and polite Bushra Rajpar was just another kid really with dreams and hopes for the future. She is just another human being with aspirations and common wants from the life but what she got was horrible.

If you change the name Story Bushra Rajpar with any other girl, the story is quite familiar and same in Pakistan. Another girl student was abused by the men and there is no justice. She is in front of media with her family crying and demanding justice, but in vain. Media would put this in limelight for some hours or may be some days and then we will forget about it. Media would move on to other things for more ratings. This is all a game for them and nothing else.

Students are on the street and also raising their voice on social media and demanding justice for Bushra Rajpar, but for how long? Why even students have to do this? Where is our law and order and where is the justice system in Pakistan? Why it happened in the first place? Bushra Rajpar is just a student of 11th grade. This first year student was kidnapped from Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi, abused by 5 men and then thrown on the roadside in Defense area.

Publicly hanging option must be on top priority in any case otherwise these sort of incidents will keep going in our country. 16 year old bushra Rajpar is kidnapped in front of her school by two young man and after abuse with 5 men and dumped at Police Station defence jurisdiction. FIR has been lodge but need to raise voice for capital punishment to the accused, because we know these FIRs are worthless and just a piece of paper.

I’m lost for words, just listen to her father and the pain he’s going through, look at his tears and his helplessness. The saddest part is people will share their pain and move on, while they won’t get justice and the culprits will eventually walk away. Why women and girls have always been viewed as an object in this country? Where are we heading as society? When this will end or there is no end to this brutality? I think that this has now gone far too long and must end somewhere.

A spate of abuse cases has torn apart Pakistani families and prompted a flood of anger at politicians and law enforcement officials for failing to curb a long-standing menace. In yet another incident of assault shattering us in pieces. We ensure nation’s security but what about these angles, our own children? This state has failed to protect its own. We are in the state of fear where no girl is safe anymore. It’s a crime to be girl in Pakistan it seems to me and I say that with lot of pain.

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