Who is Dananeer Mubeen the Girl in Pawri Hori Hai Video

Yeah Hamari Car Hai, Yeah Hum Hein, aur Yeah Hamari Pawri Hori Hai has given a musical tune by an India and it has broken the social media. The Pawri Hori Hai girl is hot and beautiful with a cute accent which has stolen the hearts of millions in sub-continent and beyond. So who is Dananeer Mubeen the girl in Pawri Hori Hai video?

A typical mummy daddy accent plus the pretty girl has been accentuated with different flavors and versions of her uttering. She is also cashing in on it on Twitter, Facebook, Insta and snapchat by sharing her videos as she knows that she has become a social media sensation overnight. The funny thing is that the car is Suzuki box and the party or pawri in her words is as lame as anything could be with few girls and boys dancing slowly in the background wrapped in heavy clothes with lame expressions.

Young and beautiful Peshawar girl Dananeer Mubeen is a social media butterfly who likes and does talking on every topic from fashion to politics and from social affairs to education. With only four seconds of video she has even been noticed by BBC who have interviewed her in Urdu. Dananeer Mubeen is also a great singer, who likes to spend time with her family. She also loves dogs and have multiple pet dogs in her home.

Dananeer Mubeen also likes to paint and sketch. She is also quite active in her social circle. Dananeer went to Nathia Gali near Murree for picnic with her friends. They stopped at a roadside hotel to have lunch. She just took her phone out and made that four second video and uploaded it to her account. From there it was picked up by many including Yash Raj in India and made a meme out of it.

Dananeer says that her family is ok with it and she is glad that due to her India and Pakistan are coming closer on social media. Now people are mimicking her video and producing their versions. It’s quite interesting to see people innovating that video and coming up with their own versions. It shows that how much talent is there is Pakistan and our sense of human is still alive and kicking.

But some people are not happy as usual. One social media activist commented in anger that distraction from real and intellectual real life ! cheap ,newly riches from hardly two decades, trying hard to prove them selves so modern and proving English is their primary language not secondary! so wannabes with fake accents so dumb.

Anyway, we just should take this in a lighter way.



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