Mushahidullah Khan – The Democrat of Pakistan

Mushahidullah Khan - The Democrat of Pakistan

It won’t be wrong to say that Mushahidullah Khan was even bigger and purer democrat than his leadership and any other leadership of Pakistan. When he spoke in parliament, it stays spoken. He was feared by the stooges and puppets of dictatorship within and outside of the parliament. He was the democrat of Pakistan through and through.

Despite the political differences, he was respected by everyone. He was a loyal man to his cause A pro-democracy activist he was vocal about the role of the est in maneuvering governments. Democracy lost a person who could say spade a spade right on the faces of dictators and oppressors. My sincerest condolences with PMLN family on the loss of their stalwart Senator Mushahidullah, a loyal and committed political worker, who defended his party in a no holds barred way. May he rest in eternal peace.

Surely we all belong to Allah and to whom we all return. Sending prayers. Senator MushahidUllah Khan, a cheerful and political figure with a fearless speech in the upper house of the Senate, is no more with us. May Allah Almighty grant him a high position in Jannah. Aashiq Rasool Mr. Mushahidullah Khan passed away who used to raise his voice for the end of prophethood in the Upper House and National Assembly. May Allah forgive him. Amen.

I am deeply saddened to know about sad demise of Senator Mushahid Ullah. What a brave man who had a courage to challenge govt policies and people behind it. He was a committed democrat.He was dismissed as federal minister after he alleged that a very powerful figure in establishment wanted to overthrow the country’s civil & military leadership during sit-ins by PTI & PAT. The daring outspokenness, the wit and thunder on the Parliament floor will laways be missed.

In this deranged world. One of the clear and vociferous voices which can be heard. RIP

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