Who is Shaheer Sialvi and What Has He Done?

Who is Shaheer Sialvi

So who is Shaheer Sialvi and what has he done that there are protests for his release and the youth is rallying behind him? We want to see this young man released as soon as possible, Every Muslim has the right to speak out against the desecration of Wazir Khan Masjid.

Shaheer Sialvi was arrested for speaking against dancing in the mosque of Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry. SYP has always raise voice for student rights and always fought for them. Because of a mediocre minister، Condemns the arrest of Shaheer Sialvi the government made possible the release of Shaheer Sialvi. The Muslims of Pakistan have to decide! About these liberals and atheists there will be clear line drawn between them. Arrest of a Muslim In fact, there is enmity with Islam.

Shehar Sialvi is the spokesperson of Ahl-e-Haq. Which has always played a key role in the field of truth. I condemn his unjust arrest. shaheer sialvi should be released. Our leaders made us believe that Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid. The arrest of defenders of Islam and th ideology of Pakistan is a shameful act. We strongly condemn this act and this should be the end of this drama.

Shaheer Sialvi is the voice of Pakistan, release him immediately. I’m feeling very ashamed to being apart of that state where a person who defend ideology of that state is behind the prison and one who disrespect islamic ideology is a minister. This young man speaks for Pakistan, This young man speaks of Islam This is a patriotic citizen of Pakistan. People who stand against lies, brutality, injustices are called SYPians.

Shaheer Bhai is only one who is the real face of youngest generation in pakistan. Release him immediately. Let us be clearly told for what crime Shaheer Sialvi has been arrested.
Then we will tell you your guilt, this power is something that comes and goes You have us today, we have us tomorrow. Shaheer is a young man full of passion and faith. He is not afraid of his arrest, on the contrary, the panicked people arrested him.

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  2. Proud To Be A Part Of SYP & Soldier Of Shaheer Sialvi .

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