Top 10 Interesting Banners of Aurat March

Top 10 Interesting Banners of Aurat March

When aurat marches, it stays marched. Aurat March in Pakistan has drawn quite an attention both from within and outside the country. Some are calling it shameful and some are welcoming it. Some are terming it against the social ethos of Pakistan and some are declaring it apt. Some are calling it Un-Islamic and some are quoting versus to support it.

It was 2019, I was thinking hard what to write on my first Aurat March placard. I thought of what I had gone through in 2018 when I was told to leave the house at 3 am. I thought about that night and I wrote this on my placard. Lost it during the March but found it in these hands. Aurat march season coming up and everyone’s already getting their knickers in a twist for no reason at all.

Aurat march is necessary because every decision a woman makes for herself labels her as selfish. I had a dream that I was at the Aurat March and I was in the car with five other wholesome women. I asked them if I could cover my head and face because I’m too scared. They were so understanding my heart. Planning a trip to Peshawar this week so i can sneak out to aurat march on 8th by not being called back. The life of an independent 26 year old.

I would have not posted on social media but since Aurat March is approaching, I couldn’t stop myself from sharing. Today, Ive lost my childhood friend cousin. Her own son killed her. She was in her late 30’s and her son, who would be hardly 17 yrs killed her. There is severe mental health crisis among pre teens in merged districts. Majority of women in north waziristan are mentally paralyzed due to the unceasing war on terror. The purpose of a justice is rehabilitation. What good will come out of locking up the boy for 30 years?

Male dominant culture or patriarchy is not only confined to North Waziristan or so called tribal land it is deeply ingrained in South Asia yes people celebrate the new born male more than girls but remember the words of an elderly woman in our houses are deeply respected and fulfilled. I am just going to say, women are out here producing well-researched documents and amazing content trying to explain patriachy, and all you can do with the anti aurat march propaganda is rehash the same arguments each year. there is no comparison.



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