Vehari Girls on Motorcycle Without Duppatta

Vehari Girls on Motorcycle Without Duppatta

Vehari Girls on Motorcycle Without Duppatta ? It’s hard to comprehend what a significant news that is if you don’t live in that part of the world. It’s totally different culture still living in way back last century and may be even behind. Girls in Tshirt and jeans without sash is unbelievable for them.

Vehari or Vihari is not a small city by any means but it’s still remote and very backward. It’s in the Southern Punjab belt of Pakistan which is very conservative, backward and highly sensitive about women and their role. Vehari is near Multan, some 100km from it. Other nearby cities are Bahawalpur, Hasilpur, Mailsi and Burewala. Anyway, its largly a sleepy town with not much happening. May be once a year, when pilgrim stay here on their way to Pakpattan, things start moving but else it’s nothing there.

When all of a sudden people start watching girls in jeans and shirt without any covering riding bikes, they get traumatic. After coming out of shock, they start lamenting that the society is now going down the drain and end is near. They believe that it’s the end of world for them as its against everything they have been following for centuries. Even not religion, they believe that this is not what their culture is. This is why this news is so important that everyone is asking who are the girl in Vehari who are riding cars and bikes without duppatta?

Secretly everyone wants to see them. Everyone wants to see how the girls look like without those coverings and how they ride the bike. It’s sort of paradoxical as at one side they believe that this is against their ethos and at the same time on other side they want to see it, experience it and given the chance would love to ride with those girls. This is actually what’s the overall psyche of a Pakistani male or should I say South Asian male. They want to enjoy these spectacles but against it too simultaneously. People are even asking about mobile numbers of Vehari girls and want to talk on whatsapp. 

Do you know about these Vehari college girls?


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