Who is Ruhan Kumar Khatwani and His Achievement

Who is Ruhan Kumar Khatwani and His Achievement

The people from different walks of life accorded the warm welcome to a 9th-grader Thari student Ruhan Kumar Khatwani on his arrival in his hometown in Mithi on Thursday . The boy made the world record by arranging the Periodic Table in the record time — 1 min and 58 seconds during the Islamabad Science Festival , held on 13th February at Pakistan National Council of the Arts and he broke the previous record of 2 minutes and 42 seconds held by Natalia Najam a student from Lahore.

The political figures, activists, educationalists, government officials and people from different walks of life gathered both at his school and residence in the town to congratulate the 14-year-old – boy whose name is most likely to be included in the Guinness Books of the World Records for his great achievement. Deputy commissioner Tharparkar, Mohammad Nawaz Soho commenting on the fabulous record made by Mr Khatwani said that the young boy from Thar had not only brought pride for the students and people of Tharparkar but also for the whole province and the country.

He said that the district government would continue to encourage such brilliant students from the desert districts adding Mr Soho also congratulated his parents and teachers, who made it possible for the highly talented boy to create the amazing world record. He said that they had already decided to confer on him the shield for his extraordinary efforts in the fields of Science during the upcoming Thar. ” We are all here to encourage such extraordinary students and to groom more youths to compete at the national and international level” he added and maintained that there was no dearth of such brilliant youths in the desert district.

Mr Festival. Partab Shivani, the chief executive officer Thar Education Alliance observed that Ruhan had proved that the students from the backward areas like Thar could do wonders if given required opportunities and space in the competition at every level. ” We had arranged the first ever Thar Science Festival couple of the years back with a view to harness and hunt such talented students” he said and added that the achievement accomplished by Ruhan had made them so proud. “Every Thari student has immense talent to do wonders and shine provided such talented youths are properly given the opportunities” he added and said that plants they had sowed during the festival were now yielding fruits. Mr. Shivani also added, as they plan to organize the Thar Science Festival in the end of March and more students are expected to break such records.

Mr Sahir, the teacher of the boy, who not only taught, groomed and led him to participate in the festival in the capital, said that his student had always passed with the flying colours but this time he had done a marvelous job by creating the world record . Abdul Basit Charo, the principal of South City School in Mithi said that the pupil from his school had made them all proud adding he said they were planning a grand event to honour him in a very befitting manner. Mr Rohan Khatwani when contacted told that he was so overjoyed to reach his hometown with honours and achievement he had worked tirelessly and dreamed for. ”

I am highly thankful for all those especially my teachers, who encouraged me from day first and made it possible for me to make this unique world record” he recalled and vowed to carry on his studies with more zeal and enthusiasm in future. He also thanked provincial minister Nawab Taimour Talpur, the Sindh Minister of Science and technology for his encouragement and commitment to give him an award during the upcoming festival in Mithi. He also thanked deputy commissioner Tharparkar, executives of Thar Education Alliance, who according to him, had greatly facilitated and supported him in his efforts to achieve a prestigious position in the world.

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