Campaign Against Settlement of Refugees in Thatta

Thatta: A district-wide campaign to create awareness against the reported intention of the Federal Government to create a settlement in the coastal areas of district Thatta and Sujawal for the Kashmiri refugees got underway in Thatta here on Thursday.

In connection to that Qaumi Awami Taherikh staged a long march which began from Thatta and was scheduled to move towards Gorabari, Baghar, Sakro, and other areas of the district.

The key leaders of QAT Thatta including Abdul Qadir Ranto, Noor Ahmad Katiyar Subhani Dahiri, Ghanwhar Khan Zahoor and others demanded eviction of Bangalis Biharis Afghanis, and Barmhis from their land and said that the allotment of Sindh,s land to non-natives had to be stopped.

They said the lands and other resources of the province had been given away in charity to non-natives while the Sindhis were putting up with poverty, starvation, health issues, poor literacy ratio, and the dearth of other basic amenities of life, and warned to resist every move against the integrity of Sindh.

Hitting out at the federal government and provincial government they said The Federal Government was intending to deprive Sindh of its resources as well as the rights with the support of the Sindh government that had kept mum over core issues of the province. They warned that every move against Sindh would be thwarted accordingly.

They further said that the Central leadership of their party had announced to take out a mega-rally against the settlement of refugees on 14 March in Hyderabad. The long march had reached Keti bunder till the filing of this report.

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