Thari Villagers Get Compensation Cheques From SECMC

Thari Villagers Get Compensation Cheques From SECMC

MITHI: Terming partners for development, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) has paid annual compensation to the resettled households for the 2nd consecutive year. Addressing the ceremony, Naseer Memon, general manager, SECMC and Thar Foundation said that government of Sindh and SECMC respecting the sacrifices made by the residents of villagers in the national interest in Thar Coal Block II had done a lot to provide them with all required basic and modern facilties at their doorsteps.

” The village was built 4 km away from the old Senhri Dars and comprises 172 households’ ‘ he added and said under this policy, each married couple had been allotted an 1100 yards bungalow with all the basic amenities. Mr Memon added that In the same model village, a primary and high school with a capacity of 1000 students, two RO plants supplying clean drinking water, a public park, a playground, streetlights, two community centers, a mosque, a temple, a dispensary, a mini-market consisting of 10 shops had been built.

” Moreover, every housing unit in the village has been supplied with a HESCO electricity connection and installed by a solar power system and the community has also been allotted 850 acres of pasture/grazing land, making it a precedent in the development history of Pakistan” he added. Mr Memon said that 172 households who had left their ancestral homes two years back were being considered the partners for development both by the mining firm and Sindh government. He made it clear that the Thar Coal Block II project did not consider residents as affectees but beneficiaries and they would continue to get benefits.

“A person who relocates from his/ her ancestral places has a deep connection and memories, but the people of this village have contributed to the development of Thar and ultimately to the country,” he remarked. Mr Memon was of the view that the mining company had not left the villagers alone, as the relationship with them had been strengthened further since they shifted to the new village. “They will continue to be partners and will be taken care of in all spheres and will be given priority in livelihood opportunities,” he added.

Mr Memon said, in the second phase, the village Thahriyo Halepoto would also be shifted to New Thariyo Halepoto which was situated at a distance of only two kilometers. “ The process of planning and designing of the village New Thahryo Halepoto is underway,” he added and that all residents would be also provided with all required necessities of life. Muhammad Hingorjo, Irfan Ali Junejo, Ashraf Noon of Thar Foundation, Villagers Abbas Dars, Taj Muhammad Dars, Manzoor Dars, Ghulam Haider Dars, and others also participated in the cheque distribution ceremony.

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