Tributes paid to Sadiq Faqeer on his 6th anniversary

Tributes paid to Sadiq Faqeer on his 6th anniversary

The poets, writers, singers, artists, politicians, members of the civil society and music lovers from different areas gathered at Mithi town on Friday evening to pay their glowing tributes to late Sadiq Faqeer on his 6th death anniversary. They said that late Faqeer pioneered a distinctive style of singing the verses of modern Sindhi poets, especially Shaikh Ayaz, Ustad Bukhari, Dr Akash Ansari and Saindad Sand , who were still considered the founders of the modern progressive literary tradition in Sindh.

Dr Fateh Mohammad Marri, the vice chancellor of Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam speaking on the occasion said that Sadiq Faqeer was destined to be loved and respected by ten of thousands of his fans and friends across the world. “He was the one of the nicest souls, who left behind indelible imprints on the sand of time and will always be remembered for his ‘immortal’ songs, music and his humble nature” he added and said that he had immortalized the poems of a number of the contemporary poets through his classical rendition and style. Dr Marri added that a fatal road accident had snatched the singer and left behind thousands to mourn his ‘untimely’ death.

The prominent Baloch nationalist leader, Dr Abdul Hai Baloch speaking on the occasion said that Sindh its people were lucky enough to have a singer like Sadiq Faqeer, who according to him, left behind the legacy and new trends of singing. ” The soil of Sindh has always produced the giants, who have played their role to awaken the people” he added. PTI”s MNA Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani said that the late singer was not only a great singer but also a nice soul with humble nature. He said that Sadiq was among those souls. who always fostered interfaith harmony in the desert district. Dr Vankwani said that it was the late singer, who would participate in the religious festivals of both Musmils and Hindus.

“In fact, because of his selection and adaptation of modern literary and romantic poetry, Faqeer is credited with having introduced and institutionalized the genre of literary music in Sindhi music, which specifically appealed to listeners with a literary bent , and served political and aesthetic objectives through music” added a known poet and anchorperson Naz Sahito He said that the singer with his sublime rendition had greatly impressed Shaikh Ayaz, who had uttered historic words for him that his poetry was introduced to the desert dwellers by Sadiq. “

Ayaz used to say that he got fame and respect in Thar after Faqeer sang his poems” Naz added. He said that instead of observing the death anniversaries of such giants, there was a need to organize the festivals to remember and pay tributes to them. The eminent writer, critic and the general manager of Thar Foundation Naseer Memon observed that late Sadiq was not only a singer but also a great composer; he had inherited the art of creating original compositions of various genres of modern Sindhi poetry adding he said that his artistic and creative composition of the work of Shaikh Ayaz and other literary poets into music was highly applauded and liked at literary programmes and private mehfils he had attended in his lifeline. For Sindh’s writers, revolutionary and enlightened souls , Faqeer’s songs and voice were the reflection and representation of Sindh and Thar desert’ said Mr Memon. “Faqeer continued his musical journey with professional commitment and dedication selecting, composing and singing modern literary and romantic poetry” added noted writer Zulfikar Halepoto he said that in return, he received appreciation, love and respect especially from literary circles, intellectuals, writers and students, which made his musical style distinctive and popular in Sindh. While enjoying the recognition, love and appreciation of his fans, Faqeer fulfilled their aesthetic need through his performance, he said.

“At the same time he introduced the work of modern Sindhi poets such as Ayaz Gul, Adal Soomro, Dr Akash Ansari, Saindad Sand, Haleem Baghi, Hassan Dars, Ishaq Samejo through his rendition, he said and added that late singer earned recognition among serious, literary lovers of Sindhi music who had always sought progressive literary and political ideas. The senior nationalist leader Aslam Khairpuri said that being committed to upholding the literary style of music, he had no desire to follow the mainstream commercial audio cassette-based music industry and he always defined and developed his image of being a non-commercial musician. ‘Through his selection of verse and original rendition, he enjoyed more fame and popularity than mainstream commercial singers, he said. Syed Akbar Ali Shah, the station director of Radio Pakistan Mithi said that late Sadiq was one of the greatest folk and classical singers of his times and times to come’. He said that he was a creative singer and composer, his contribution to the promotion and preservation of modern literary and folk poetry and music portrayed an exemplary and unparalleled status” he said.

” It is hard to bear such irreparable loss” he added and those who loved the beauty of Thar desert were also the real fans of his songs and music. The senior Sindhi nationalist leader, Syed Nawaz Shah Bhadai said that Sadiq’s untimely death had left a void, which was a great loss for the secular social and secular fabric of Sindhi society. ” Sadiq Fakeer also introduced new trends which were later copied by the young classical singers’ he added said that with the demise of Sadiq Faqeer the world of music and thousands of his fans and friends were deprived of a great secular soul. He said that he was the true son of the soil and never compromised on his lofty principles and loved each everyone with no desrimination of caste and class. The leader of Sindh United Party , Ameer Azad Panhwar said that Sadiq was not only a great classical singer but he was also a true and committed ambassador of peace and always preached and practiced interfaith harmony in Thar and beyond. “

It is hard to heal the fostering wounds inflicted to Sindhi music and his fans and friends with his death in a road accident ” Ameer added. Dodo Chandio, Bansi Malhi, Partab Shivani, Piyaro Shivani, Suleman Rahimoon, Arbab Ahsan, Haji Sand, Khalil Kumbhar, Munwar Sagir, Mitho Mehri, Mir Buledi, Mama Vishan Thari and others spoke on the occasion and paid their tributes, while a large number of the people gathered at the graveyard in Mithi town where they laid their floral wreath on his grave and offered their prayers for the departed soul. Rajab Faqeer, Karim Faqeer, Nizakat Sadiq, Zawar Hussain, Jawad Faqeer, and other singers also performed and enthralled the participants.

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