Who is Arif Hussain AlJani and What Has He Said

Who is Arif Hussain AlJani and What Has He Said

When you speak in Pakistan on a public forum you have to be very careful because people care. And when you speak on religious matters then it becomes ultra critical plus it also can have dire consequences if you manage to offend a section of our society as we are very short tempered people. The video of Arif Hussain AlJani has caused quite a stir in Pakistan.

Arif Hussain AlJani is ISO president, Arif Hussain AlJani speaking at a Jamia Bithat, Chiniot he said something very inappropriate about the Quran which has hurt the feeling of many Muslims around the world and the passion is running high. I am not aware of the context neither I am going to comment further on this topic as I don’t want to fuel the fire but I stand with my point that when it comes to the religion, people especially public figures need to be very careful and reasonable.

The Holy Quran is the Last revealed Book of Allah & the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the last Prophet of Allah, after him no new revelation/wahi was sent down nor will be sent to anyone. This is very very universal message and must always be remembered. Those who claim false towards Allah will soon face the consequences. There is only one Quran which was completely revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.These lunatics are nothing but psychopaths who need serious medical treatment.

Quran is complete cod of life! There is light of Noor if anyone want to get it will bright his life. Holy Quran is the final book of Allah Almighty. There should be a special law and ordinance for those fake people. They make misunderstanding and clutter among the people. Muslims across the 1400 year Islamic History believe that the Quran is complete & no book or compilation or Imam has more ilm than it, to say otherwise aims to reject the sanctity of the Holy Quran which is utter disbelief.

Quraan is the final holy book revealed from Allah , there is no book like Quraan. The Holy Quran is only One & the Final Book of Allah Almighty, & will remain so till the End of the Day, No other book or compilation or anyone else has more knowledge than the Quran. How hard that is to understand. And what’s teh ened to stir up such things? It is the belief of Muslims across the 1400 year old Islamic History that no new revelation/wahi will come down on anyone after the Prophet PBUH, to believe otherwise is akin to disbelief.

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