Real Story of Marya and Dr Kamran in DHA Lahore

Real Story of Marya and Dr Kamran in DHA Lahore

Suicide of underage maid Marya in Lahore in the house of Dr. Kamran in DHA has raised many eyebrows as there are lots to answer. The real story of Marya and Dr Kamran in DHA Lahore has yet to come to the front as investigations have begun as whether it was a murder, or death due to torture, or was it really a suicide.

A precious life has lost and we must not let it go in vain. The child was someone’s kid and though she was working as a maid, she doesn’t deserve this at all. We must get into the bottom of this story and we must give justice to Marya. Dr. Kamran must be investigated, no matter how wealthy or influential he is. He might be having so many connections and friends at all the right places, but justice should make it way and he must be probed by the higher judiciary. Media should also take up this matter.

Umair Javed, the journalist on Dawn has said on social media about this case, “When I mentioned exploitation in domestic work a few weeks ago, several said long-term economic growth rather than labour protection is the only solution. Wonder how much more informal sector workers will have to bear till growth finally kicks in. This short news story features every abject characteristic about the current state of labour in Pakistan – underage employment, informal sector exploitation, gendered coercion, all against the backdrop of mundane upper class violence.”

Postmortem is being done of the body but there are so many loose ends. Police say that this doesn’t look like a suicide case. They say that the feet were not hanging when they reached there and the reaction of the family of Dr. Kamran was also very suspicious. Senior police officers are saying that the investigation into the mysterious death of the girl had been launched and the inquiry report will be made public as soon as possible. They are promising fair investigation no matter what.

Let’s wait for the police report.


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