Role of Journalists in Senate Elections 2021

Role of Journalists in Senate Elections 2021

The more you watch what is happening in the name of Senate Elections 2021, the more you wonder is democracy any good? I know, I know that democracy is not ideal but that’s the only viable option out there. But is that really the only viable option for countries like Pakistan?

Anyway, the role of journalists in senate elections 2021 is horrid in Pakistan. Large number of the Top journalists on Pakistan are clearly demonstrating dishonesty. There are PPP’s journalists, PMLN’s journalists and then there are the ones supporting Imran Khan and security establishment in every right and wrong. Journalist is either a reporter or editor/subeditors or those managing newsrooms. Part-time columnists, Tajziakar or social activists posting on Social media are not journalists.

I know that we watch journalists and anchor circus daily on the countless number of TV channels but during the days of elections, it is simply awful to see how low they can stoop. You can clearly tell which journalist is on whom payroll and the biases. They don’t seem to have any dignity or shame or any ethics whatsoever. They can flip on any side from one show to another. They read from given scripts and they toe the line of their current masters or the pay maters to be exact.

One need to understand that such journalism is bringing entire industry to shambles. People are looking for alternative source for information. Even reading news briefing from institution themselves. They are not journalists but political workers who managed to occupy high positions in media industry. Owners of media outlets do not care about their journalistic standards but money which they get from establishment/Govt or political parties affiliated businessmen.

No more independent journalism in Pakistan. You know “few” is considered as if “nothing”. Today Pakistan media industry:

  • Truth is issue
  • Ethics is issue
  • Reliability is issue
  • Objectivity is issue
  • Credibility is issue

That sums it up all.

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