Woman Gives Birth to a Two Headed Baby in Pakistan

A woman resident of Mirpurbathoro gave birth to a two-headed healthy baby at a private hospital in Badin. According to the source the woman was brought to Alisha Moosa Charitable Hospital Badin for delivery under severe labor pain.

Dr. Nusrat Babu Khatti who was dealing with the patient said that: The ultrasound report indicated that the brain of the baby was split and was visible in both heads. Later the heads of the baby were separated through a surgical process. She further said that; After the surgical process the baby was out of danger but due care was needed to be taken. A detailed guideline would be shared with parents to avoid severe complications in the future.

This type of syndrome is called polycephaly in which an additional body part known as supernumerary body part develops on the human body, which is also termed as a congenital disorder. it needs treatment at an early stage or else it becomes lethal for the child later.

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