Bitcoin Mining Machine Price in Pakistan

Bitcoin Mining Machine Price in Pakistan

You can get bitcoin mining machine in Pakitan for free if you are smart and know how to do the crypto. The bitcoin mining machine price in Pakistan is bit expensive as it has to be imported from the overseas and still state bank is not too sure about it.

There is an opposite viewpoints in Pakistan and abroad about the cryptocurrency though everyone senses that it’s the future sooner rather than later. Payid in Pakistanis going to change no matter what. cashless and credit card less payments are the future of the business. State of Bank of Pakistan policy about cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining is quite blur and murky and there is no straight answer there because of loopholes.

Graphic cards, computer parts and chips have become expensive in Pakistan due to the demand for crypto mining. Minex mining, nicehash and other minin goptions in Pakistan are on the rise. The tutorial about how to do crypto mining in Pakistan is also high in demand. Crypto mining rig and crypto mining software free is downloaded in Pakistan though there are lots of restrictions and you have to go through proxy or anonymous VPN. Price of special computer for bitcoin mining in Pakistan is also very high.

There are some crypto mining farms in Pakistan. In Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad there are software companies and previous illegal phone exchanges which are now at the forefront of crypto mining. People are asking if crypto mining legal in Pakistan? The short answer is No and the long answer is buried in the documents of state bank of Pakistan. Is crypto mining profitable in Pakistan? The short and long answer is it depends. It’s not dangerous if you know what you are doing and within the legal framework.

What are requirements of bitcoin mining in Pakistan? electricity cost, Internet connectivity issues, need air conditioning to keep your mining hardware cool. If you add up all those cost and then see who much you save then go for it. Feasibility is the key here. need air conditioning to keep your mining hardware cool. You’ll need a really high end computer with GTX Titan graphics card and may be more than one.

So the overall initial cost of machine is around 1 lac. You can also buy from Antminer and may be able to mine at least 10 or 15 bitcoins a month. But again it will require lot of power and cooling. Or if you have money you can go with Genisis mining in cloud. But beware there are lots of bitcoin scams in Pakistan in the name of mining and crypto. You have to very vigilant and not go greedy with it as this is not something that straight forward.

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