Lahore Girl Harassment in Rickshaw with Photos

On social media the case of Lahore girl harassment in rickshaw with photos of driver is getting traction as the girl has posted the whole ordeal. She showed great courage and also took the photos of the rickshaw driver from her mobile phone and then posted it on the Twitter for the whole world to see. Following is her story:

Today at 4:10pm I was trying to book an uber from GCU, Lahore to Badami Bagh. But my bad luck I was unable to find any. As I was getting late for my bus which was supposed to leave at 4:40pm. So in hurry I took a local rickshaw so that I can reach at stop on time. After few minutes of ride, the guy started giving weird looks and started whistling with a song “abhi bohat kuch honay ko baqi hai”.

I asked him “please bhai apnay dehaan pay chalaye“. His reply was “tujhay itni jaldi hai to tu agay ah kar sath chala lay“. I got very very upset, shocked and scared. I started reciting ayat-ul-kursi and I was scared to death. Allah Allah kar k I reached to stop and while paying the amount he pinched on my hand and drove away quickly. Since we don’t have a personal car for everyday use, we are forced to keep on using cab services and have no other choice.

However, this is a terrible and shocking reminder of how unsafe women can be in a supposedly safe, urban space for using a service they are bloody paying for. What a tragedy that a woman cant even stand her ground and argue because of course a vocal woman hurts male ego and is an invitation to violence. For shame! Please share this as much as possible so ONE should be careful or someone is travelling with this guy.

He went away fastly. I tried to note down the number but was able to note half of it. As last digit is missing ” LEU-365* “. I tried to memorize the rickshaw number. But last digit nahi dekh pai. Baqi I noted down. Hijab is the best solution. Nope.. If you aren’t safe you aren’t even if you are wearing veil and abaya. Hijab is security and not surety but one has to take safety precautions for sure. The type of incident that messes up a ghairatmand man’s mind more than it hurts the girl. It’s ridiculous where this country’s men are heading nowadays. I never felt safe about my sisters even tho they’re older than me.

Respect for you. May Allah keep you and all my sister safe.

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