True Facts About Indian Covid Vaccine in Pakistan For Free

Indian Covid Vaccine in Pakistan For Free

The Indian covid vaccine in Pakistan for free will be available from the end of March. This has been reported by few of the media outlets. More than 4 crore vaccines will be shipped to Pakistan from India. This vaccine is Indian made and it is being said that South Africa rejected this vaccine and then its coming to Pakistan, though this is not confirmed.

Indian media is also reporting that Pakistani premier requested India to give them vaccine when they learned that India had successfully tested the vaccine and was gifting it to Brazil. Pakistan was willing to pay a nominal price but as a goodwill gesture India will be giving this vaccine for free to Pakistan, according to unconfirmed reports.  But the real story is that the international vaccine alliance, GAVI, will provide free ‘India-made’ Covishield vaccine doses to Pakistan. A little research never hurts, and that’s the message for Pakistani anchors.

Many channels ‘breaking’ India sending Covid vaccine to Pakistan. Nope, not a direct supply as being suggested like India is with other nations. Pakistan will receive 45 million doses of Indian-made vaccine from the GAVI vaccine alliance. Needless to say, if Pakistan requested vaccines supply from India, we would know for sure. The same applies to vaccine shipments made to other countries under WHO/GAVI Covax program. So this is not a direct India to Pakistan transfer.

But may be this is a chance for both countries to come closer? I mean why not? People have been dying on both sides due to Covid and due to poverty and other issues. Let the healing begin. India can be a bigger partner by just sending vaccines to Pakistan directly for free and Pakistan should accept it and then show goodwill towards India. This will create a positive vibe and this will create a conducive atmosphere for future friendly relationship between the neighbors.

It is high time that both countries start working together. Pandemic could be a golden opportunity to leverage the friendship potential.

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