Video of University of Lahore Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar

So who is boy and girl hugging in University of Lahore? The video of university of Lahore Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar is making rounds at social media hugging and kissing and loving each other in front of public. The couple is hugging and kissing in front of other students after flower exchange. Profile of Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar Ahmed of UoL is quite interesting. This comes on the eve of controversial Aurat March in Pakistan so the gossip is quite rife and ripe.

All they did was to promote “Uni Wala PyAar” and Glamorize it by showbiz industry, Now Youth is just simply following it. Moral Policing in Universities have become a norm lately. UOL’s action against students on their private matter is extremely condemnable. Ironically , there has been no swift action against known harassers and harassment cases on campuses.

Secondly, harassment is punishable and pathetic but what they did was wrong AF. Don’t try to justify and act like a fool. If this starts, adults will go rebellious you’ll see kisses and proposals all around. Islam has rules and there are reasons. Simple. People fighting that expression of love is not allowed etc and uni didn’t do anything about harassment. Consider too, that it was due to social media that uni took action. If this clip hadn’t gone viral. No one would have asked the students or expelled them.

It will bring restrictions to most of the girls who wants to study. When Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab said that co-education as the cause of immorality in our society, and spreading Beihai in our country, many people criticized on him but today time has proved that he was right. Educational Universities are always Achilles’ Heel for the liberals to water their values. JamiatPK always toiled to redirect Youth towards true essence of Islam and high moral values.

I tweeted recently regarding the incident people are saying me look in Turkey but let me clarify that Pakistan is not your father’s land it is land of Islam it is land where every Muslim can live and feels safe Pakistan is back bone of Ummah. Good step by UOL. Both Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar Ahmed are expelled from the University. No tolerance policy should be adopted in case of any attack on our religion or our traditions and culture. Well that is one point of view.

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