Who is Wasim Rizvi and What Has He Done

Who is Wasim Rizvi and What Has He Done

So who is Wasim Rizvi and what has he done to draw the ire of Muslims all over the world especially in India and Pakistan. The man Wasim Rizvi doesn’t seem to be lunatic or some cheap attention seeker rather it seems something very meticulously planned and orchestrated.

This man has appeal to Indian court that 26 aayat from Quran sharif is provoking violence so it should be delete from Quran(نعوز بللہ).I appeal to the world that this man should be boycotted from whole world.

Verily we:it is we who have sent down
The Holy Quran and surely ,we will guard it(from corruption).
Indeed! Allah is the protector of Holy Quran.

Like cures the like. Here you get the most suitable answer for your blasphemy Mr.Waseem Rizvi. Quran is in the custody of Allah and His Prophetﷺ. I wish we could have a proper Muslim Court in the world where such So called muslims could be held accountable before Scholar Judges of islam & hanging of such traitors of religion could be make Sure, Muslims need Unity to fight against such people.

“Then do they not reflect upon the Qur’an, or are there locks upon [their] hearts?”القرآن

No doubt, we have sent down this Quran, and we most surely are its guardian.
(Surah hijr Ayat no. 09 Kanzul Iman)

We have faith in ALLAH (S.W.T). He has taken the responsibility to protect the QURAN. Such people will not be able to modify Quran. Sentiments of Muslims not only in India, but across the globe have been hurt by Wasim Rizwi statement. I mean why on Earth would he do that thing? What are his ulterior motives and agenda behind such baseless thinking?

Supreme Court has no authority to even speak on this matter. Muslims should not shy away from shedding blood for the sake of the sanctity of their beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him). Quran is the practice of Allah And no man can make too much of it Because Allah has taken responsibility for his protection. No one can even change the zeer and zabar of our holy QURAN. He should be hanged.we will not tolerate even a single word against our holy Quran.

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