Shahzeb Akbar Suicide or Murder – Real Story

Khayal Akbar Suicide or Murder - Real Story

If it’s an adult then it’s shoot-out with police and if it’s a kid then it’s a suicide. How convenient for the so-called exemplary Police of Peshawar in Pakistan. Shahzeb Akbar suicide or murder is the question which is now being asked by everyone who is hearing the real story.

Shahzeb Akbar was resident of Warsak Road in Peshawar. He was just kid and was studying in class 7 at a local school. He was a brilliant student as per his teachers and neighbors say that they never seen any untoward behavior from the kid. He enjoyed playing street cricket with other kids and was growing up like any other normal Peshawar kid. They wonder how come he ended up in the lockup and how on earth Police got the video of his suicide and why on earth would a young like him do such horrible thing?

Police claim that Shahzeb was arrested when he tried to shoot someone in the in Liaqat Bazaar. Police say that he was pointing gun at shopkeeper when they arrested him and then later he committed suicide in the lockup. But Khayal Akbar, the father of Shahzeb is not buying this preposterous story. He has categorically said to national media that his son was tortured to death but the cops staged the drama that he committed suicide. He is demanding justice and compensation from the government.

The Capital City Police Officer, Abbas Ahsan, and SSP Operations Yasir Afridi are assuring justice. The CCPO said an application has been submitted for a judicial inquiry of the case. He said that the CCTV footage of the police station has been collected and will be provided to the judicial commission. That is a good news and one hopes that this matter won’t be hushed and culprits would be brought to befitting punishment. West Cantonment Police Station must be overhauled.


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