All is set to organize Thar Festival in Mithi

All is set to organize Thar Festival in Mithi

The deputy commissioner Tharparkar Mohammad Nawaz Soho has said all preparations are underway to celebrate three-day Thar Festival under the aegis of Thar will change Pakistan in Mithi town to project, promote and to highlight the beautiful culture, customs, rich history and art of the desert district in very befitting and in a very proper manner.

Mr Soho speaking to the media persons in his office after presiding over the meeting about the arrangements for the Thar Festival said that the mega event would be organized from March 19 for next two days and more than fifty different events and shows would be held by the participants to show the world the true beautiful face of Thar, which he said, is rightly called as an open museum of the nature for its unmatched beauty and serene atmosphere.”

We are all set to arrange this mega event in collaboration of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company, Thar Foundation, mining firms engaged in the coal extraction iThar Coalfields near Islamkot and some other organizations with a view to promote and project healthy activities by providing huge opportunities to writers, historians,artists, musicians, students, singers to perform and show their talent before the participants” he added and said that the district management under his supervision had already invited the people from different walks of life including the Pak Armed Forces and the Rangers officials, lawmakers, high-ups of Sindh government, officials of the other security forces and to the media persons to witness the various events and shows.

He, however, said that all events programmes would be conducted as per the SOPs in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic after the fresh directions and advisories. He said that a number of the stalls were also being set up at the venue to display the culture, art, history and other aspects of Tharparkar. Mr Soho talking about the past and present of the desert district said ” the rain-dependent arid zone of the country, is not only the one of the biggest districts of Sindh and Pakistan spreading over a vast area of over 20 thousand square kilometres but it is also the hub of peace, coexistence, cohesion and interfaith harmony last but not the least it is an open museum of nature for its unmatched scenic beauty and the exemplary hospitality of its people.

Mr Soho said that Tharparkar district had little over 1.7 million souls with three thousand registered villages.’ The desert district has a number of other beautiful aspects which need to be explored and dully highlighted by the media like other issues mainly due to incurring droughts, vagaries of the climate change etc. “

The beautiful sandy dunes, Jain temples, rich culture and customs, music and the beauty of Karoonjhar hills also need to be projected and promoted so that the people living in other countries across the globe could see the beautiful face of Thar, which despite incurring terrible droughts and famines over the decades was making progress by leaps and bounds due to the its rich natural resources and the subsequent sincere efforts and the keen interests of the rulers especially government of Sindh.

He said that coal extraction and the subsequent power generation would not truly change Pakistan but also change the destiny of Thar and its people adding he maintained that being DC Thar he was trying his best to provide the maximum relief to the people of the district. He said that the functionaries of Sindh government under the able leadership of the chief minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah had been giving special attention to each issue of the region and number of the mega projects had either been completed or were near the competition to provide the maximum facilities of the desert dwellers.

“The roads across the district are being paved and constructed, quality healthcare facilities, safe drinking water through various waterworks of the government of Sindh.. he added. Mr Soho said that the government in past years when the region was hit by droughts took no time to extend all possible assistance to residents by providing them with wheat bags to each family free of the cost a number of the times to help them mitigate their sufferings.

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