Freshwater Inflow Necessary For The Survival of Indus River Delta

Freshwater Inflow Necessary For The Survival of Indus River Delta

A gathering of environmentalists, Research Scholars, and social activists titled “Action For Rivers” was convened at Sindh University campus Thatta here on Sunday apropos to international day of action for Rivers.

The speakers at the event came up with the opinion that the ecological flow of freshwater is necessary for the survival of the Indus river delta. They said that the authorities’ concern should ensure the required amount of freshwater inflow into the river Indus to save the historical river from catastrophe.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Sindh University Thatta Campus Dr. Rafiq Ahmed Memon said that; Following water scarcity mass migration had been observed adding that people left their abodes as there was no fresh water for them to survive.

Prof Dr. Mukhtiar Ahmed Director CCSD Sindh University told the audience that the recent study had revealed that the species of fauna and flora were becoming extinct owing to the shortage of freshwater in the bed of the river Indus.

Environmentalist Parvez Awan said The Indus delta had been a pivot of breeding for different creatures but the situation was not the same now. He further added the Pallah Fish for which the river Indus was known was decreasing.

Director Ten Billion Tree Plantation Tsunami project Amjad Siddiqui Said’ ” We are blessed with a treasure called river Indus and we must work collectively for its protection”.

Head of WWF Pakistan Dr. Tahir Rasheed, Director NRSP Thatta Mir Mohammad Baloch, Prof Ismail Ansari, and others addressed the gathering and presented their research for protecting the river Indus from ruination.

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