Full Story of Hazroo Wali of Wah Cantt

Full Story of Hazroo Wali of Wah Cantt

If you live in Wah Cantt, you must have heard of Hazroo Wali. Here is the full story of Hazroo Wali of Wah Cantt. Bofore I start telling the story in her own words, let me give you a background of this once small and sleep town which has now become yet another noisy and crowded city in Pakistan.

Wah Cantt is a small town almost an hour drive from Rawalpindi on G.T. Road towards Peshawar. It’s probably the most literate city in Pakistan with 100% literacy rate but that’s unfortunately has changed a bit now. But if you go back 10 to 20 years ago, Wah Cantt was an oasis in Pakistan’s chaotic landscape. Wide roads, planned areas, schools, shopping, parks, hospitals, clinics, factories, jobs, safety and security were hallmark of the town. Everyone knew every one and so everyone knew who Hazroo Wali was.

Kids who turned teens grew up hearing and getting curious about Hazroo Wali. It was the first lesson of their adolescence which they got and Hazroo Wali never disappointed anyone. Give her money, few rupees and she would fulfill your fantasies. Now in a conservative, highly enclosed, and private social fabric of Wah Cantt, this was a highly taboo thing but surprisingly everyone tolerated her and let her do her business. She used to roam the Lalarukh Basti market in evening and would get the customers as she wanted. 

She would walk all the way from Qabristan road to the basti chowk and beyond, going from shop to shop making shop keepers happy. Everyone knew her round time and everyone knew what mischief she was up to. Her daughter Majida a.k.a baby also started to accompany her later when she was all young and pretty. Her rate was very very high though but with the time she also became reasonably cheap but she was another character and a story for another time. 

Hazroo Wali was married and her husband used to work abroad and stopped sending money and that is how she started selling herself. Her son Chaudhry was also a character and initially brought customers to the mother. Then Hazroo Wali started her own clientele and became overnight famous or should I say notorious. She was the talk of town and every home knew it. People would be curious about her but would avoid her in public as you could well imagine. Hazroo Wali also made sure that she maintained her composure. The name Hazroo Wali is because Hazroo Wali was born in another village like town Hazroo near Attock. 

If you are from Wah Cantt and know Hazroo Wali, feel free to share your information.

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