Mental Health Certificate in Pakistan Before Marriage

Many people are demanding that couples should obtain a mental health certificate in Pakistan before marriage. That actually is not an unreasonable demand because we see lots of breakups in Pakistan where things don’t go right for various reasons though hard to pinpoint.

In Pakistan, people with mental health issues are advised to get married. Yes thats true, if there is some mental person, people normally say to get him or her married and they will be alright afterwards. What happens is that both male and female become mental and the couple os known as mental couple in Pakistan. Same goes through their kids and the whole family suffers.

I have depression and anxiety and quite a severe one. An aunt told me that focusing on another person will ease my suffering & I can think of traveling w. my husband as a “cure”. I told aunty ji I had no intention of baby sitting anyone & then booked a solo trip to Dubai. This was pre-pandemic. Vehemently endorsed! The afore shared certification should be encouraged at a national level and if adequate awareness develops then it should be espoused as an integral part of our society.

There are cases where the families don’t tell the other side of serious mental health issues and then after marriage there is drama. The cure of all mental and socials ills lies in Marriage in Pakistan. “Shadi kar lo theek ho jayga”. What happens after the marriage? The Doctors claim diminished responsibility? Not just advised they are married proudly in order to cure their illness resulting in generations of unfit & traumatised partners and children. That spreads throughout the society and beyond.

Not only in Pakistan, also holds for Subcontinent in general. Sadly true. I hope our people get more educated on such issues. We can’t do that in Pakistan, psychologists/ psychiatrists will start issuing fake certificates in return for money. No one cares in Pakistan about the diagnoses until they either harm or kill their partners or retard them mentally for life and generations. This is not a light or simple problem. It has many dimensions and need to be taken into serious consideration.

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