Who is AC Farida Tareen and Her Full Story

Who is AC Farida Tareen and Her Full Story

Who is AC Farida Tareen and her full story. This story is so touching that I almost cried but then I marvelled at the strength of lady.  A shameful act by Jam Kamal Govt. A female officer of his daughter age Ms. Farida Tareen AC is being victimized who is transferred 5 times in a short span of one month. Ugly face of Balochistan Bureaucracy is being exposed. Fareeda Tareen is is a female AC. She’s being harassed by the officials of the provincial government of Balochistan for quite sometime now.

The puppet Jam Kamal using state machinery against her, transferred to 5 departments just in a month. Ms. Farida Tareen is an honor and pride for the women of Balochistan. We won’t let this Govt to victimize her. The matters are very alarming in this government. This is government of Pakistan. They have crossed all the boundaries of insecurity. Shameful act of Baluchictan government. We stand with you AC Farida Tareen. Raise voice for this brave girl, my Pakistani brethren. We must not let this injustice happen as this is gross and not acceptable at all.

On the one hand, in the Pashtun Baloch province, it is difficult for women to leave their homes. The family does not allow them to get an education. Transfers several times a month are proof that the daughters of this nation are honest. Morally corrupt GOVT of Brigadier Khalid disguised as BAP Party in the oppressed Balochistan has been transferring an officer named Assistant Commissioner Fareeda Tareen for last thirty days. She has been transferred six time in 30 days. This is unheard of and this is what we must not allow to anyone.

Balochistan is the backward province of Pakistan where the men’s education rate is equal to not being equal to women, and women are in salt in the dough, but unfortunately, the Salvadi political family officers harassment in the case of transfer. The daughter of Balochistan Assistant Commissioner farida tareen transferred sex time during a month, puppet government of Balochistan is unconscious , but where is pashtoon leaders what we expect. This is what happens in this system with honest officers like assistant commissioner farida tareen and assistant kashminar aisha zehri.

AC Farida Tareen has been transferred several times in last month by govt without explicit justifications, which is undoubtedly harassment, a heinous act to victimize the highly educated girls and curb the courses for them to use skills for nation in institutions. AC Farida tareen has been transferred 5 times in last month smashing court orders, what could be the possible reason for this discriminatory behavior of Baluchistan government? We consider this as an act of harassment And ask cj jamal to look into this matter.



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