Missed Appointment for Covid Vaccination

Missed your appointment for Covid vaccination in Pakistan? Don’t worry there are ways to rebook your vaccination though the process is still bit fragile and the app really doesn’t work that well. Online rebooking of vacciantion is also patchy.

A relative missed her date for vaccination – she sent her CNIC number again to 1166 and got the same old date again – she has a code which she needs to get vaccinated – how does she get a new date? These are the questions which are being asked by the common people as many people are either receiving SMS late or they sometime fail to make it or there is simply too much rush in the center.

I guess there is no fixed date needed for senior citizens to get vaccinated. They just need to register using 1166. By the way, the experience seems to be different for different people. Some are complaining that they are getting old and same dates and some are saying that they got it very quickly. My mother missed her appointment for vaccination. We send her cnic again and she got new date with in 2 3 days.

I tried sending my parents cnic number it says that ID card number is not correct ,we are in a fix now as what to do they are above 70,my other family members card number went through. She can just go to her designated centre and tell the code and missed date, no issues. It’s a walk in now they will change the center and everything themselves.

If it’s 3/4 days past her date , she can still visit and go ahead with it , I don’t think there’s an issue here. I heard the same from an Aku admin guy at the vaccination Center. Same thing happened with my mother. There is no need for new date or code. You can walk in with old code any day and still get vaccinated. Since yesterday, no need to send or receive anything, if anyone is over 60, just visit nearest vaccination center.

1. Send another text and wait for the updated reply. If you dont get that Downwards arrow
2. Visit the centre and get the CNIC checked via the computers, it should be verified already for vaccination since she got the msg earlier. Get the vaccine there and then.

One can get vaccinated late too just give them code… My grandma got vaccinated after due date

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