Wedding of Maaano Javed Abbasi and Aadiiroy

Wedding of Maaano Javed Abbasi and Aadiiroy

Maaano Javed Abbasi and Aadiiroy are probably the cutest couple on Pakistani social media especially on Twitter. These lovebirds are not only cute, they also have brains with beauty. Their witty, intelligent, timely and impromptu tweets have earned them a kind of status celebrity on Twitter.

They are the prime example of beautiful oriental online love. Their love is now turning into a lasting and loving relationship. Pretty and bubbly Maaano Javed Abbasi is posting her mayun and marriage photos online and so is Aadi Roy as he calls himself on the Twitter. Twitter has erupted as their followers, friends, and fans are pouring in congratulations and other festive messages with showers of prayers and well wishes.

Pknama also wishes them all the happiness and prayers in their upcoming life.

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